a wise Uncle said to me

  1. It is not about quantity. The product of the achievement matters more than the quantity of achievements.
  2. “Achievements are tertiary in importance. Life is the most important because some people are unable to move (May Allah protect us). Secondary is managing life; there should be no external pressure on you in this.”
  3. “Discard the need to prove”
  4. “you are more important than what you will be”
  5. “What you Could be is a project, you are far more important than this”
  6. “Do your best not the most”
  7. “Stop the unnecessary running running running”
  8. “Nothing can diminish your qualities”
  9. “Do not self afflict”
  10. “Turn negatives into positives. Use how good you are and how good you have been as your therapy and your shield”
  11. “A priceless reward is self-assurance”
  12. Always keep positivity in your possession
  13. Don’t allow whispering: Read Quran and seek refuge

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