Some thoughts which have developed this November

  • Pay attention to Allah’s signs
  • Listen to parents
  • Do job
  • Ask a lot
  • Trust in God
  • No fear no grief
  • The purity of the intention is what matters
  • Self love mercy and compassion in the harshest circumstances will foster love for God, always take the most benevolent reading of a situation and that’s how you will think of God.
  • Never allow bad thoughts and intentions
  • Focus on good intentions and ask frequently because the universe will unfold around it if they are pure
  • Truth is always greater than the moments we ransom it for
  • Always ask for the impossible
  • Look at the creation of earth space and yourself and remember it all belongs to God
  • The voice you use to recite Quran belongs to God
  • The Quran is heavy and you were whispering light when you read it
  • There are two worlds and you have to navigate both
  • You are looking at ghosts when you look at people because that’s how imminent death is
  • The prayer is a kingdom
  • It’s harder to find God in the day and the night is easier for reflection
  • Allah al-wadud was there all along
  • If you have hatred inside and you project it how will you see al-wadud?
  • Clear speech is better than eloquence 

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