Some thoughts

What I learned through observation:

The uncomfortable circumstances you find yourself in reflect the diseases in your heart and the cure for these diseases lie in the circumstances.

The world unfolds around your words and actions and its reality is decreed by virtue of your intentions good or bad

Always stomach the truth whether it is for you or against you

Our reality is the wrong way around. There will come a time when abstractions will become tangible and what was concrete will be an idea I.e you will lie in the digestive tract of a maggot and your deeds will become a creature.

The victory is the prayer offered on time

You achieved the pinnacle of victory in October -December 2015 and you will never trump that in this life

God doesn’t forget

life is a mirror of the heart

to be in a permenant state of worry is to use your intellect

good words you have spoken are converging in your future to hack out a path for you. The bad ones are forming a roadblock

Your deeds are conscious

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