Self-love is not optional. It is survival. Self-love means that you can never give up on yourself, despair of your appearance, character, words or actions. It means to always find a solution, to be positive, to persevere, to accept the whole whether society does or not. To nourish oneself, to treat with utmost gentleness and to forgive. But also to be diligent, hardworking and not make excuses. Self-love is to stare in awe at your appearance- that you have the honour and fortitude to look like you do and inhabit the body you have been given. And to protect and preserve the mind, body and soul from harm. Self love is life- how many people have died from low self-esteem? Many. Self love if you have it is a supreme achievement, unquantifiable and a secret most of the world needs and is trying to discover.

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