Pt 2. Navigating Your Way Around Beauty As A Muslim Woman

I have again been researching beauty in Islam recently and wanted to note a few updates to my last post on navigating your way around beauty as a Muslim woman.

Eyebrows: Sheikh Yasir Qadhi who I consider to be a balanced scholar encouraging us to think for ourselves recently posted a video exploring the fatawa of plucking the eyebrows in Islam. Please watch it to inform your decision and get an understanding of the differing opinions around the issue. He mentioned that Aisha (RA) would allow women to pluck their eyebrows as adornment for their spouses which was new to me. He also mentioned interpretations of the hadith mentioning the curse of Allah being upon specifically the women that would do this to mark themselves as prostitutes in Arabian society. What he concluded with is that several scholars have the opinion that there is no problem with women removing eyebrow hair for their husbands and that it is single women that are prohibited to do this. He concluded that if you want to avoid all doubt then take the literal translation.

Piercings: I mentioned in my last post that piercing are permissible as long as they do not make you appear immoral. What I have heard again from Yasir Qadhi is that piercing the ears and nose is fine for a woman but body piercings are completely impermissible and classed as mutilation of the body.

HACK 🗣: To get around this if you were planning to get a navel piercing… you can buy false/ clip on piercings online from sites such as Etsy, they have a nice selection mA

Nails: When menstruating applying press ons are a cheaper alternative to getting acrylic nails. Sometimes not all substance comes off the nails when removing acrylics which can make it risky when doing wudhu. Shein have a nice selection of press ons that are on the cheap side with really beautiful designs.

I will post as I learn more inshaaAllah…🌱

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