New Niqabi 2

So I’ve started wearing niqab (TabarakAllah): see original post here. A friend made me a metallic/ shimmery dark purple half niqab that I wore today and… I felt absolutely beautiful 🌻.

London is in lockdown so I can’t really go anywhere except to the shops. I’m literally itching to go anywhere in niqab lol, I feel more excited than when I first wore hijab.

It’s interesting now I reflect on it that the feeling of internal beauty comes from God and God alone. Today was one of the most beautiful- feeling and confident days that I can remember yet no one could visibly see me.

I’m looking forward to embarking on this niqab journey and cultivating this feeling of internal bliss and calm.

A Soulscape xx

4 thoughts on “New Niqabi 2

  1. SubhanAllah SubhanAllah. Happy to hear that. May Allah keeping us steadfast on His religion. Ameen ❤ (From one niqabi to another niqabi). It makes me feel blessed that Allah gave us hidayah to fulfill the purpose of our creation ❤ Alhamdulillah


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