On Success

Over the past few days I have realised that the difference between the people that live their dream life and those that talk about their dream life is one thing: a series of meticulously scheduled actions.

Those that talk about their dream life may speak about it in vague terms on an even more amorphous timeline. Note the dreamer will think in terms of time. “Next year I will…”. “By 2030 I will…”. “Before 30 I will…”. The dreamer often talks excessively but doesn’t do. They do just that: dream.

The doer on their other hand does not think in terms of a time line but a scheduled series of actions to take them to a concrete goal on a specific date. The doer doesn’t talk. They just do. The doer has a to do list which may appear mundane which eventually takes them towards that fulfilling and exciting goal. The doer puts in the work no matter how they are feeling.

If you want that dream life you must begin to think like the doer and start scheduling building your dreams into your daily life. What will you do today, this week, this month, this year to build your dream? What are the series of actions that need to be executed in order to attain this goal? What is the exact date for the goal?

If you were looking for a sign today this is it. Stop talking and move sis! Nothing changes unless you change. Nothing will move unless you do.

~ A Soulscape

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