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A SOulscape Academy

A Soulscape academy is a school that aims to nurture womanhood, femininity and self-love. A Soulscape runs courses which are inspirational, practical and aid you to better know yourself, your soul and God.

Journey To Self Love: A Soulscape x BMBG (Being A Muslim Black Girl)

Journey To Self Love is a new course developed and delivered in partnership with BMBG (Being a Muslim Black Girl).

The course content is delivered in a pre-recorded format via vimeo. The course explores Self-Love through the Islamic lens and is theoretical as well as pragmatic. The course is targeted towards Muslim women however all women are invited to attend in the hopes that they acquire practical knowledge and tools to love, support and be an ally to themselves.

Journey To Self-Love runs on the last Saturday of each month and runs for a duration of two hours (including interactive activities and breaks). The course is available online to students for 24 hours after the course begins.

I really loved this workshop, I would love to have you come again and deliver it a second time!

~Female inmate at HMP Downview at a Self-Love in Islam workshop

Access the ‘Journey to selF-love’ course using A Quick booking on eventbrite

Please register for A Soulscape Academy’s and BMBG’s two hour short course ‘Journey To Self-Love’ on eventbrite.

After registration and payment we will be in contact with you to provide further information on the course. The password for the pre-recording will be released 10 minutes before the course begins. Next course date: TBC

If you are a Black Muslim Woman and would like a boost in your self love journey this course is for you!

For the women that purchase a ticket, you will shortly receive an email with instructions for the course, the workbook and password as well as a google docs form where you can opt-in for a free self-care gift package delivered to your address. You can also opt in for entry to a class of 2021 group chat with the other women who have taken this course.

On the morning of the course date you will receive the password and link to access the course hosted on Vimeo.

After the course if you have opted in you will receive your self care box and an eBook: ‘A Muslimah’s guide to Self-Love’.