Sh. Moutasem al hameedi

A sign that ones faith is in good condition is that they don’t concern themselves with that which is none of their business.

If you are truthful Allah will give you what you want

Whoever musters their courage things will start easing out for them and whoever is governed by their fear will be up for a lot of disappointment in their lives because they live their lives small.

Oftentimes courage trumps reason

It is the people who put their trust in Allah that Allah opens up ways for them

Salah becomes the lens through which you see the world. It colours your life.

Sheikh Moutasem al hameedi

Trusting in Allah is consequential. The universe will unravel around your trust in Him

Usually reality is unfinished business Allah gives you the choice on how to finish it.

Things will turn around and work out for you unexpectedly

Dhikr is a journey into another world

There is a spiritual ecosystem of values and truth and that violation has ripple effects. The main impact is coming back to you