A Private Dream

When I picked my alma mater in 2014, I had just started practicing Islam. I picked my alma mater on the basis that if I continued to go down the route of Islam I would be more comfortable doing so at that uni in particular over my other options. One day in 2014 I had a vision that I’d graduate from uni praying five times a day in an abaya, hijab, niqab, with a clean heart and a calm mind. I didn’t tell anyone and just silently held this dream close to me. I didn’t know how this would happen but I knew it could and would transpire. As of today, after a switch to part time study and two years leave of absence, through the permission of Allah and via the most unexpected of journeys this has actually happened 🤯. Subhanallah 🤯. I am graduating in niqab in a calm state with a first class honours exactly like my dream. MashaAllah. TabarakAllah. Alhamdullilah. Allahuakbar. All Glory and Praise is due Allah, Supreme Governor of all that exists and Supreme Exalted Lord of all light, love and success. Blessed is Al Wahhab and Mighty are His gifts. Subhanallahi wa bihamdihi subhanallahi adheem. A whole entire dream came true 🤯. Unless you are someone who knew me before you will not understand how shocking this whole situation is 😳. Subhanallah.

Blessed is He in Whose Hands is the Dominion and He is able to do all things. {67:1}

On emptiness…Secrets of Divine Love by A Helwa

“Allah is As-Samad which does not just mean “self-sufficient” but comes from a root that means “solid, impenetrable, non-hollow.” Allah is the One with no holes, no parts, no separation. Where Allah is metaphorically whole, we are nothing but holes. We are made from atoms, which are 99.99999 percent made of empty space. In essence, when we reach for anything in existence other than Allah, we are reaching for emptiness.

A. Helwa, Secrets of Divine Love

A blessed Du’a (prayer) from the Prophet (pbuh)

“I seek refuge in the light of Your face by which
all darkness is dispelled and both this life and the life to come
are put in their right course against incurring your wrath
or being the subject of your anger.
To You I submit,
until I earn Your pleasure.
Everything is powerless without your support.”

– Translation from theidealmuslimman.com

You are so safe

You cannot operate outside of the divine grid and divine will. It is not possible. I didn’t previously understand what was meant by “no fear no grief” in Islam. I think I do now.

You are encompassed by Allah. He is with you and closer than your jugular vein, around you beside you and situated on a throne above you. His power is such that your life is not your life. You are suspended on a string hanging from His will. Nothing belongs to you; everything you own including your body and everything you lay eyes on, hear and touch are His materials.

You can do what makes you afraid therefore, fundamentally because you are surrounded and propped up by safety and power. Likewise there is no grief…nothing is a loss, everything is a gain…in a spiritual ecosystem we can’t see. Nothing to grieve about disproportionately…You are so safe.

Power and consequently safety is before, behind, above and below you and you breathe it in and out. No fear no grief. Only divine unbreakable power when you make the All-mighty Allah, Light of the worlds your shield and refuge.

I am pretty sure this is the state Malcolm attained: “I have no fear whatsoever of anybody or anything”.

“No fear no grief” is a divine promise and taxonomy depicting the righteous human’s condition in relation to worldly circumstance…an objectively factual equation explaining our reality once we relate dialectically and eventually operate in harmony with the mysteries of the created universe. It provides a framework for what is happening behind the shroud of matter which we can adjust and ascend to in order to live as Allah intended us to. Without fear. Without grief.

Never does Allah depart from his promise

If you really believed this you would spend most of your day praying and asking. If you don’t ask what are you doing? Not just from fear of the promise of punishment but because of the promise of victory only Allah can give in this life and the next.

I am witnessing this myself due to the direction my life is taking and I am grateful alhamdullilah.

“The Roman Empire has been defeated

In a land close by; but (they) even after (this) defeat of theirs, will soon be victorious.

Within a few years, with Allah is the decision, in the past and in the future: on that day should the believers rejoice

With the help of Allah, he helps whom he wills, and He is the Exalted in Might, Most Merciful

(It is) the promise of Allah. Never does Allah depart from His promise: but most men understand not.”

– The Holy Qur’an (30: 2-6)