About Me

Welcome…from Serenity

“Come again, please, come again,

Whoever you are.”

– Rumi

In 2014, at age 19, I began practising and learning about Islam despite being born into a Muslim family/background. It was transformational decision which ultimately and eventually completely changed me and my life. This is a blog I began in 2017, a couple of years after further study and research into the religion. I hope that the content I post will uplift and educate you to be more in touch with the realities of the universe we inhabit.

I started this blog primarily to remember and praise Allah All Mighty as well as journal my thoughts. I post poetry, recipes, beauty content, micro fiction, inspiration, Islamic knowledge, excerpts where I try to articulate the reality of living between two worlds.

InshaaAllah you discover knowledge, words and inspiration that helps you through this blog.

Peace, blessings and never stop seeing the beauty in everything,

~A Soulscape