Change your life, heal yourself and make your dreams come true

These are some methods I have used in the past to change my life and heal myself from mental health issues, trauma, bad habits and bad circumstances. The problem with western healing is that their way of diagnosis pathologises reactions to circumstances and gives them names. The result of this means the root cause and the crux of the matter isn’t addressed but the outcome is medicalised as is your identity whereby you lose power as well as your sense of the source of healing: Allah.

The knowledge we perceive does not make the world go around. It is Allah’s Kun, the prayers of the righteous, the errands of the angels and people’s intentions that decree the reality. This is the true government. All healing comes from Allah but this is a powerful understanding we have lost.

To regain power, you must think beyond the labels that have been attached to you such as ‘depressed’, ‘anxious’, ‘mentally ill’, ‘bipolar’, ‘psychotic’, ‘schizophrenic’. Regarding the issues you have that are unrelated to mental health you must lose the labels and ways of thinking that you have attached to the problem that stops you from seeking help successfully. Labels such as ‘There is no hope’, ‘I can’t believe that happened to me’, ‘I’m messed up’, ‘I am beyond help’, ‘I’m stuck’, ‘No one understands’, ‘My life is ruined’, ‘I will never recover’, ‘Why me?’.

You must also regain your sense of the source of healing: Allah all Mighty. The healing does not come from the pill, the therapist or another person. The healing comes from God.

To implement all of this is easier said then done so I will list full proof ways to change your life that I have used in the past and still use in order to not only heal but thrive and have your dreams come true before your eyes. This is your guide and if you stick to it, impossible things will happen to you.

  • The most desperate du’a you can muster to the only One that is listening to you every second of your life. I mean desperate. Make a list of du’as that you want answered and beg and plead for as long as you can, recognising that no one can answer except for Allah. Make these du’as round the clock; when you wake up, before you break your fast, at Tahajjud, during every prostration. Ask your parents and grandparents to ask God to have your prayers accepted. Also ask recently reverted friends and those who are at the Hajj pilgrimage. Ask for the impossible. For this to work you have to absolutely and completely rely on God alone knowing that the relief will come from him.
  • Use the names of Allah frequently. Ar-Raouf, Al-Wadud, Ya Dhal Jalaali wal Ikram, Al-Lateef, Ya Hayy, Ya Qayyum. Learn the names and use them. Ask At-Tawab to turn to you. Ask Al-Affuw to pardon you. Ask Al-Musawwir to shape your life and reality into one you are content with.
  • Istighfar. Try to do 1000 a day. I timed myself and it takes around 8 minutes to do 1000 istighfar. Every time I have increased my istighfar in my life, my dreams have come true from places I didn’t expect. This will completely change the course of your life. Smile when you are making istighfar knowing that the most amazing doors are about to be opened to you.
  • Salawat on the Prophet (SAWS). Did you know the Du’a hovers between earth and the heavens and is only sent up once we make salwat on the Prophet (SAWS)?
  • Prayer of need. Make the Prayer of need for the internal resources you are looking for such as healing, peace of mind, positivity, self compassion. Also use it for things you want in life. Make the prayer of need as often as you can. You will absolutely see the changes in your way of thinking and your life in general.
  • Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It may be that everything gets worse before it gets better. This is what happened for me. In the end Allah gave me what I wanted a thousand times over. Your situation getting worse may be Allah pushing you to a higher station than what you are asking for. Your situation getting worse may be because Allah loves to hear how much you have been calling out to him and does not want you to stop. Perhaps Allah wants to test your faith to ultimately give you more. Trust and rely. Grit your teeth and lean on God. Pass the test. The test may be hours, days, weeks, months or even years. God will test you according to your capacity. Recognise the test and pass. Do not give up even if the worst things you imagined happen to you, Allah is decreeing it, Allah is hearing you du’a, Allah is wise and knows exactly what he is doing.
  • Journal your thoughts. On a daily basis write down all the positives in your life past and present. Write down affirmations. Write down what you want your future to look like and read it every day. Stay focused on this dream life of yours and build it using your present. Even when you are feeling down use today to create tomorrow and your future self will thank you for it. I am grateful to my past self for pushing through tough times to create the life that I have now.
  • Praise God abundantly. Everything that is happening to you is happening in your favour whether it looks like it or not. When everything ends up going your way you will look back and wish you had trusted God more and praised him more instead of remaining upset with your destiny. In the middle of the the negative situation you find yourself in, try to stay still enough and perceptive enough to praise God abundantly knowing that what is happening to you is good for you and will come to a favourable end. Reflect on Allah’s name Al Barr.
  • Never miss a prayer, establish morning, evening and nightly adhkar and establish daily recitation of the Qur’an. This is your protection, your shield, your foundation and your refuge.
  • Give charity abundantly and be merciful and kind to people. Allah treats you how you treat the people.
  • Give people regular presents. You will be spreading joy, feel your sense of self worth and base happiness increase.
  • Self care, self care, self care. The way you look outwardly can heavily influence how you feel about yourself. Never ever ever slip and keep an immaculate appearance and fresh surroundings. This will reciprocally affect your mood. Takes days off to relax in nature, stargaze or lounge around at home.
  • Keep hobbies and activities that help you to feel the most you-ish! I blog, read, write micro-fiction and poetry, sing and record music, make films, speak to close friends, hang out with my siblings often, watch anime, reflect on Allah’s signs and life in general, watch the sunrise… This is how I feel closest to who I am and stay uplifted. Find what gives you a sense of contentment.
  • Use a calendar app like to keep up with your spiritual healing tasks I have outlined and schedule your day in general including self care days. This will protect you against the idleness that so often breeds negativity.
  • Restructure your friendship circle. How will you heal in environments that are making you sick? Get rid of frenemies and people who do not respect your religion and encourage you to do what shaitan wants. These are not your friends.
  • Once you have done ALL of this seek talking therapy. You will be at a point where you will benefit the most from therapy because you are already establishing the weightiest actions to help yourself. Before your first session write down a list of all the areas you need assistance with and give this to your practitioner. Be as honest as you can with your therapist. If you are uncomfortable with your therapist try to get another.
  • NOTE: If all of this seems overwhelming pick one task and try to incorporate it into your life incrementally according to your capacity then move onto the next. For example if 1000 or 100 istighfar is unattainable for the time being start with 10. If you are having trouble establishing the prayer of need several times a week start with once a month. Tweak what works for you and inshallah you will see a shift in your circumstance if you stay diligent. 🌸

Do this regularly over several months and watch your life transform…safe journey! x

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