The Women Who Lie Between: Some Disconnected Thoughts On Muslim Men and Misogyny

Something I recall reading from Professor Butch Ware:

“White supremacy is the greatest historical expression of Satan’s own religion.”

I am thinking about this for a few reasons. Primarily that we need to begin to frame racists as satanists. Also that we need to do the same for misogynists.


Sheikh Moutassem Al Hameedy speaks about dhikr as a spiritual interaction with the unseen world. He describes remembrance of God and acts of worship as a journey from observable phenomena to a world where invisible actions of the heart take form and become tangible.


I suppose then the same is true for diametrically opposed acts of worship. For those that worship the ego, for those that worship the patchwork of this world masquerading as treasure there is similarly an interaction with the unseen -except it’s nature is not divine or beautiful but rather reprehensible, base and evil- the ugly whispers of that ugly being.


When a man, or a woman who has internalised misogyny is under the yoke of projection: spreading rumours about you, stalking you, trying to intimidate you, seeking to embarrass you, revelling in manufacturing hate against you simply on account of the fact that you were born, by omnipotent decree with a womb, breasts and the possession of two inherited X chromosomes, they have whether they realise it or not traversed beyond this tangible world and opened a dialogue with the unseen.


The Satans amongst mankind do not present as horned red beings with fire in their eyes brandishing a three spiked fork and a coiling pointy tail. The philosophy of deception dictates that in reality this being appears, due to his mastery of human psychology, social anthropology and the science of the heart as a being who is pleasing to most and who harms in a way that can easily relinquish him of responsibility.

For the modern Muslim woman satanic inspired misogynistic harm can come in the form of the men who bully to debase a woman’s image only to the extent that they can be absolved of responsibility on the grounds of jovial and innocuous conversation… or more guilefully as an expression of their superior moral capacity and devout concern for your spiritual welfare.


“Boys will be boys”. Yes boys will be boys. And girls will continue to commit suicide, suffer with suicidal ideation, attempted suicide, admission to psychiatric units, squandered years in state sponsored or private aftercare, and develop long term severe and at times incurable mental illness.

Jan 2020: I spent a day at a women’s prison delivering a workshop and I saw women who were sincere and trying. I believe on that day that the resurrected of mankind who used to fancy themselves religious will be in for a shock when the One who truly and eternally has a birds eye view of the heart admits the offender the ex-offender, the sex worker, the one struggling with same sex attraction, the broken and the chronically mentally ill to the highest heaven.

My father told me once that people hear but don’t listen. He told me about a scholar who was recounting the story of the drowning of Pharoah, that the angels prevented him repenting because God may have forgiven him. My father posed to me the question of the scholar: How many who have lived as sinners, under the banner of another religion were not prevented by angels in the panic of death? Another thought: if the prostitute was forgiven for giving water to a dog and she lies at the end of a spectrum for female immorality, what about the women who lie between? What about the women who lie between and who are currently being hounded to the point of despairing of their religion? What about the women who lie between?


Your Lord has not taken leave of you, [O Muhammad], nor has He detested [you]. (Surah Duha, verse 3)

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