The Truman Show

It’s dua and intentions that make the world go round good or bad. Life unfolds around this and creates our current social, political, economic and spiritual reality. I’m brought back to the story of Abraham’s actions causing rain to fall.

This shows our connectedness. How many of our duas and intentions change the world in a positive or negative way structurally or at a personal level?

The frameworks taught in International Relations are helpful in giving names to things and phenomena we see but they are just that: frameworks and names, all subjective, culture bound and rooted in a particular epistemology.

Looking at the world through the framework of the diseases of the heart is far easier to understand and closer to the truth.

Understanding why things happen on the international stage beyond power struggling helps us to diagnose the root cause: us. We are to some extent wielders of each other’s and our own realities. I say to some extent because we do not comprehend or manage the logistics of this, only God does.

I call this managing of logistics ‘The Truman Show”:

– Nothing belongs to you, not even your name

– Your life is not yours

– The people that have been placed in your life are bringing you closer to self awareness and self realisation if you efface the ego

– You are dust God has willed to animate to worship Him

– Nothing you say or do is original

– What you lay eyes upon is a frame that was painted and decreed before your existence to bring you an understanding of something

– Everything you hear is a soundbite to give you a greater understanding of something

– You are utterly powerless

– God is always trying to smother you with love if you just opened your eyes beyond circumstance

– All your features have been planned to discern your character

– All your experiences have been curated to form your current understanding, character and conduct

– You truly cannot escape God. Even your body will betray you: God can cause your darkest secret to tumble out of your own mouth

– The body is an illusion, you are nothingness, completely annihilated but flesh keeps up a pretence that you are here. You will realise this when you die.

– Your thoughts are not yours

– You live in an echo chamber

– The circumstance is a mirror of the heart as is your company

– Synchronicity is a brief moment in which you become partially aware of the Truman Show. As time elapses, most label this ‘coincidence’.

– There is nothing and nothingness no time or space and everything has perished except for His face.

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