We don't know who's who

Today I visited a women’s prison HMP Downview and delivered a workshop on self esteem and self love. When we were doing a creative activity I got talking to one of the women. She told me after she converted to Islam during her first Ramadan, she had a dream that she was praying with the Prophet (pbuh).

She described him as very handsome with big brown eyes and long braided hair.

He didn’t speak in her dream but I asked her what his aura was like. She said he was very kind but also had an air that you had to act right around him.

What I internalised today:

1.) You really don’t know who is who and we don’t have a birds eye view of the heart like Allah does so the best policy is to focus on yourself and lower your gaze from other people’s sins and bad circumstances.

2.) Sincerity is our main currency. There are women in prison that are far more sincere than someone on the outside because they have an overwhelming desire to turn their life around and please God

3.) Be wary of mistreating someone or prematurely judging someone. They could be awliya.

4.) Be conscious of the fact that a lot of people are icebergs. We see some of their deeds like prayer and general good character. It could be that beneath the surface they are doing unrelenting silent and continuous charity for the sake of Allah and nobody knows.

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